Accepted Presentations


Accidental Data Analytics

  • Daniel Griggs

Addressing and Routing in 2017

  • Geoff Huston

Africa Regional Insights

  • Michele McCann

Akamai's Backbone

  • Christian Kaufmann

BGP Flexibility and its Consequences

  • Alexander Asimov

Building and operating a global DNS content delivery anycast network

  • Gaël Hernandez

Cooling Technology for Network Node

  • Fuad Bin Enayet

Data Plane Evolution: Towards Openness and Flexibility

  • Richard Bayliss

Detecting Spoofing at IXPs

  • Tom Paseka

Dissecting the African Internet: An Intra-Continental Study

  • Amreesh Phokeer

DNS Survival Guide

  • Artyom Gavrichenkov

Evolution Network

  • Amit Dhamija

Getting Started with a DNS Firewall (DNS RPZ)

  • Eddy Winstead

ICT Utilization in Disaster Response - From the Case of Nepal Earthquake 2015

  • Shoko Miyagawa

IPv6 adoption worldwide

  • Alain Durand

IPv6 in the Telco Cloud and 5G

  • Jeff Schimidt

ITHI, presenting numbers

  • Alain Durand

IXP Automation with SaltStack and NAPALM

  • Nick Hilliard

Lessons learned from 2017 cybersecurity incidents, 2018 and beyond

  • Afifa Abbas

Modern Network Servers

  • Philip Paeps

OpenKilda: Stream Processing meets Openflow

  • Jeff Young

Routing Security in 2017: We can do better!

  • Andrei Robachevsky

Scaling Beyond 100G With 400G and 800G

  • Richard Bayliss

Self-Driving Networks for Service Delivery

  • Kireeti Kompella

State of Subsea Cables and Internet pricing in APAC

  • Alan Mauldin

Study on International Cross-Border Data Flow Management and Implications for Developing Countries

  • Jing Di


  • Geoffery Huston

The BIRD Routing Daemon

  • Ondřej Filip

This one goes to 11!

  • Philip Paeps

TVX Multicast Exchange Point

  • Eric Andrei Baleanu

Understanding Machine Learning in 45 minutes

  • Jason Mayes

Visualizing a global DNS network with open source tools

  • Ashley Jones

Vuls & VulsRepo: A Highly Flexible Vulnerability Scanner and Visualizer

  • Yasunari Momoi
  • Kota Kanbe

What can be learned from recent major BGP routing leaks

  • Doug Madory

Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report Highlights

  • CF Chui


Brace Yourselves: DDoS is Coming - A DDoS Tutorial

  • Dima Bekerman


  • Patrick Jones
  • John Crain

Importance of SSHFP And Configuring SSHFP for Network Devices

  • Muhammad Moinur Rahman

Introduction to SDN

  • Tashi Phuntsho

IPv6 - A Real World Deployment for Mobiles

  • Jeff Schmidt

IPv6 transition and deployment tutorial

  • Jordi Palet Martinez

IXP Manager Tutorial

  • Nick Hilliard

Network automation (NetDevOps) with Ansible

  • Imtiaz Rahman

Network Function Virtualisation

  • Paresh Khatri

Network State Awareness and Troubleshooting

  • Faraz Shamim
  • Aamer Akhter

Routing to SDN Era

  • Shaowen Ma

RPKI Overview, Case Studies, Deployment, and Operations

  • Tom Harrison
  • Sofia Silva Berenguer

SRv6 Network Programming: deployment use-cases

  • Ketan Talaulikar

Lightning Talks

Case study on DNS firewall implementation at service provider end

  • Suman Kumar Saha


Abuse Desk Operations and M3AAWG

  • Jesse Sowell


  • Yoshinobu Matsuzaki

NOG Reports

  • Yoshinobu Matsuzaki

Routing Security BoF

  • Aftab Siddiqu

Panel Sessions

International Cross-Border Data Flow Management

  • Kurtis Lindqvist
  • Martin Levy
  • Jing Di
  • Christian Kaufmann

Secure SDN

  • Paresh Khatri
  • Richard Bayliss
  • Arnold Nipper
  • Jeff Young
  • Margarida Correia