Only organizations with a current APNIC Member account are eligible to vote in EC elections online through MyAPNIC or on site at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Voting entitlements

Voting entitlements are only available to individuals who are Corporate Contacts, or authorized contacts with voting rights given by the Corporate Contact.

On-site voting

Onsite voting takes place during the APNIC AGM on Wednesday, 28 February 2018 from 09:30 - 14:30 (UTC +5:45)* at the Yak & Yeti Hotel, Kathmandu.

Corporate Contacts, contacts with voting rights, or appointed proxies can collect ballot papers at 09:00 (UTC +5:45)* from the Voting Desk.

If you would like to vote but cannot attend the AGM in Kathmandu, Nepal, there are two options that enable you to vote in the EC elections:

Online voting

Online voting is only available to APNIC Members via MyAPNIC. To cast votes online, you need to set up TOTP for MyAPNIC or have a valid APNIC certificate installed in your browser.

Online voting opens on Wednesday, 14 February 2018 and closes on Monday, 26 February 2018 at 9:30 (UTC +5:45).

Proxy appointment

Corporate Contacts may appoint a proxy to vote on site on their behalf. The proxy holder need not be from the Member organization, but must be registered to attend the AGM in person.

How to submit proxy appointment

  • Online - You must login to MyAPNIC using two-factor authentication, using either:
  • By email - Please complete, and sign the proxy form and send a scanned copy to
    proxy@apnic.net (subject line: APNIC 45 AGM).
  • By fax - Please complete and sign the proxy form and return it by fax to +61-7-3858-

Important information about the Proxy Appointment Form

Proxy forms will be emailed to all Corporate Contacts at least two weeks before an election. The form is pre-populated with your APNIC account details including your account name, organization name, Corporate contact name and email address, and number of votes.

  1. Only APNIC Member’s Corporate Contacts may appoint a proxy. The proxy appointment is valid only after the APNIC Secretariat has sent an acknowledgement to the Corporate Contact, confirming that the proxy appointment is valid.
  2. The proxy appointment may be made to any person who is registered as an attendee at the APNIC Annual General Meeting (AGM).
  3. The proxy appointment form will only be processed if:
    • it is submitted during the time the proxy appointment is open;
    • all fields are completed correctly and signed by the Corporate Contact;
    • the Member account status is open; and
    • the form has a unique 6-digit serial number or QR code specific to a Member account.
  4. Proxy appointment forms that do not meet all the requirements of paragraph 3 above will be rejected, and there will be no opportunity to make any correction to an invalid proxy appointment form. A new proxy appointment form may be submitted during the time the proxy appointment is open.
  5. Please retain the original copy of the form for verification purposes for at least seven days after the APNIC Annual General Meeting.
  6. Proxy appointment closes on Monday 26 February 2018, at 09:30 (UTC +5:45).

*On-site voting commences when the Election Chair announces the start of the voting.

The pre-populated PDF proxy forms are compatible with the following operating system/applications.

  • Windows: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Acrobat Reader Touch
  • Mac: Google Chrome, Safari, Preview
  • Linux: Google Chrome, Evince

Firefox and Adobe PDF viewer do not support the pre-populated fields. If you do not have a compatible operating system/application, you can fill in the details by hand (neatly) and email your proxy form to proxy@apnic.net. Alternately, you may appoint your proxy online from MyAPNIC.