SIG Elections

Call for nominations

An election for the two Co-Chair positions will be held as the first item on the SIG meeting agenda at APNIC 45. The procedures are outlined in 2.6. Electing a Chair or Co-Chair of the Guidelines.

Nominations for the position will be declared open on 23 January 2018 and close on 22 February 2018. Nominations can be lodged using a form published on this site during that time period. The list of candidates and their statements will be also published here.

A Chair and two Co-Chairs were last elected at the Policy SIG meeting during APNIC 43. At that time, the nominees for the Co-Chair positions agreed to serve a one-year term rather than a two-year term. This allowed “for the staggered Chair and Co-Chair election timetable” required by the APNIC SIG Guidelines.

Co-Chair responsibilities

Nominees and self-nominees will be required to attest they can perform the Co-Chair responsibilities detailed in the SIG Guidelines.

If a candidate is unable to obtain funding from their employer, APNIC can provide travel support allowing one (1) Co-Chair to attend each APNIC conference. This ensures both can meet the minimum requirement to attend one SIG meeting per year.

Current Chairs

Sumon Ahmed Sabir

Policy SIG Chair

Bertrand Cherrier

Policy SIG Co-Chair

Ching-Heng Ku

Policy SIG Co-Chair